Environmental Response and Revitalization Voluntary Action Program Site Summary

Former Anomatic Property

Address: 175 E. Broadway Ave.
Westerville, OH 43081
Acreage: 5.448 acres
Volunteer Name and Location:
Rusch Properties
1650 Tamarack Road
Newark, OH 43055
Certified Professional:
Atul Pandey (CP224)
Certified Laboratory:
EA Group (CL0015)
DataChem Laboratories, Inc. (CL0022)
NFA Number:
Date No Further Action Letter Submitted:
Feb. 27, 2009
Date Covenant Not to Sue Issued:
April 29, 2010
Remedial Activities:
Removal of 10.38 tons of contaminated soils from a ground surface gasoline leak area and bioremediation using microbial enhancement injections in the subsurface at a former underground storage tank cavity location
Institutional Control(s):
Commercial and industrial land use restrictions; prohibits the extraction and use of ground water for any purpose, potable or non-potable, except for investigation, monitoring or remediation and in conjunction with construction or excavation or maintenance of subsurface utilities
Engineering Control(s):
Not applicable
Operation and Maintenance Agreement:
Not applicable
Risk Mitigation Plan:
Not applicable
Urban Setting Determination Approved:
Not applicable
Attachments: April 29, 2010, Covenant Not to Sue
Summary Date:
July 2010