Environmental Response and Revitalization Site Summary

American Polishing and Plating Co.

The American Polishing and Plating site is an abandoned former metal plating facility located in western Morrow County (Canaan Township). In 2003, American Polishing and Plating defaulted on a bank loan that it obtained through The Marion Bank. On Mar. 3, 2004, representatives from U.S. EPA, Ohio EPA, Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and The Marion Bank investigated the types and amounts of waste that were left behind. The types of waste left included chlorinated solvents, acids, cyanide, metals and caustics. The waste was left in vats, large above-ground storage tanks, drums and carboys. Minor spillage was noted on the cement floor in places. There were no visible releases to the environment.

In May 2004, Ohio EPA collected samples of the waste for laboratory analysis. The presence of hazardous substances was confirmed, and the site met the criteria for a federally funded emergency removal action. However, The Marion Bank decided to fund the removal themselves. The contractor began the removal during the week of June 7, 2004. All hazardous waste was removed and properly disposed in August 2004. All non-hazardous waste was removed in October 2004. 

Representatives from U.S. EPA and Ohio EPA periodically inspected the site during the course of the removal action and completed the final inspection on Aug. 26, 2004. All hazardous waste was removed to the satisfaction of the regulatory agencies.


American Polishing and Plating1
Photograph 1: Outside the building, July 14, 2004.


American Polishing and Plating2
Photograph 2: Inside the building, July 14, 2004.


American Polishing and Plating3
Photograph 3: Inside the building, July 14, 2004.


Summary date: December 2004

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