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Ohio EPA Offers Public Hearing on Draft Hazardous Waste Renewal Permit for Veolia Technical Solutions

Ohio EPA will hold a public hearing on Thursday, Aug. 22, 2013, to accept comments on a draft hazardous waste renewal permit for Veolia ES Technical Solutions (Veolia). The facility is located at 4301 Infirmary Road, West Carrollton.

The hearing will follow an information session. The information session will begin at 6:30 p.m. in the West Carrollton Municipal Building Community Room, 300 E. Central Ave. During the hearing, the public can submit comments for the record regarding the draft permit renewal.

If the draft renewal is approved, the permit would allow Veolia to continue storing up to 158,400 gallons of containerized hazardous waste at one time in the drum storage building and the decant building. The material could be stored for up to one year. No hazardous waste disposal takes place on site.

Additionally, the facility would be authorized to continue to store and treat a total volume of 462,000 gallons of hazardous waste in 40 tanks at one time. Treatment activities allowed would be decanting, distillation and fuel blending. Tanks are located in four areas at the facility: the east tank farm, the west tank farm, the solvent distillation process area and the decant building.

In addition to comments received during the public hearing, Ohio EPA will accept written comments through Sept. 6, 2013. Comments received after this date will not be considered as part of the official record. Written comments may be submitted at the hearing or sent to: Ohio EPA, Shawn Sellers, Division of Materials and Waste Management, P.O. Box 1049, Columbus, Ohio 43216-1049 or shawn.sellers@epa.ohio.gov.

Copies of the draft permit and technical support information may be reviewed and/or copied by first calling to make an appointment at Ohio EPA, Southwest District Office, 401 E. Fifth St., Dayton, by calling (937) 285-6357 or at Ohio EPA, Central Office, Division of Materials and Waste Management, Lazarus Government Center, 50 West Town St., Suite 700, Columbus by first calling (614) 644-2621 and at the Dayton Metro Library, West Carollton Branch, 300 E. Central Ave., West Carrollton.

A copy of the Ohio draft permit is available for review by the public online under the “Stakeholder Input” tab. The federal draft permit also is available for review online.


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