Office of Fiscal Administration

Fiscal Administration

The Office of Fiscal Administration provides fiscal services to the Agency including purchasing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, grants administration, budgeting, economic analysis and audit coordination. The office also publishes Sewer and Water Rate Surveys that show residential rates for these services throughout Ohio.

Sewer and Water Rate Survey

The Economic Analysis Unit annually surveys sewer and water rates charged by Ohio cities, villages and special districts during the prior calendar year. Annual rates are calculated for residential customers within municipal limits given an assumed monthly water consumption level of 7,756 gallons (or 1,037 cubic feet) per household. Rate calculations do not include charges levied through income or property taxes.

Is your community missing from the survey? Do you have a question for the next survey? Contact Charles Branch to join our survey or suggest a question. To request Sewer and Water Rate Surveys dated prior to year 2003 please email our office.


Phone: (614) 644-2339
Fax: (614) 728-1856

Budgeting and Economic Analysis
Coordinates Agency-wide budgetary issues, manages Central Support’s budget, and provides economic analysis for enforcement and other socioeconomic issues.
Geyer, Chris Chief (614) 644-2347
Waggener, Donna (614) 644-2072
Branch, Charles (614) 644-3760
Toni Leake (614) 644-2897
McGraner, Pamela
(614) 644-2339


Purchasing and Accounts Payable
Facilitates and processes the Agency’s purchase of and payment for goods and services, including coordination of Controlling Board requests and air travel.
McNeal, Don (614) 644-2345
McDaniel, Margi (614) 644-2351
Jaques, Maryanne (614) 644-2355


Accounts Receivable and Payroll
Deposits Agency revenues and processes biweekly payroll.
Salyers, Janet (614) 644-2346
Smith, Akia (614) 644-2868
Napier, Mary (614) 644-2358


Grants Administration
Assists all phases of grants management from application through close-out, monitoring, reporting and drawing cash for the Agency’s federal grants.
Beaton, Jim (614) 644-2926
Stevens-Pease, Vickie (614) 644-2093