Ohio EPA Celebrating 40 Years

Air Quality


Concentrations of air pollutants in Ohio have dropped dramatically since the early 1970s.

Lead down 95%
Carbon monoxide down 80%
Nitrogen dioxide down 39%
Ozone down 19%
Sulfur dioxide down 71%
Particulate matter
(2.5 microns and smaller)
down 36%
Particulate matter
(10 microns and smaller)
down 40%
Nov. 2012
Air pollution history in Ohio and how things have changed. 

In the 1970s, the air in Ohio's cities was so dirty that people had to use headlights to drive in the daytime.

Laundry hanging outside to dry would be stained with pollution from blast furnaces, and people brushed soot off their cars with snowbrushes.

In 1975, 44 air pollution alerts forced facilities to stop production until the air cleared. Ohio has had no air alerts for decades.

Today, facilities operate with sophisticated air pollution control equipment and Ohio EPA operates one of the largest air monitoring networks in the country.

The outstanding legacy of public service, professionalism and scientific understanding that typifies Ohio EPA’s roots is still prevalent today.

40 years and moving forward.